Who are we ?

Horton Exchange, the platform for the future of trade.

Horton Exchange is a platform for buying, selling and exchanging crypto-currencies in FCFA (XOF) and also allows conversion between other crypto-currencies available here on our exchanger. Created in 2019 in the Seychelles, it aims to facilitate the conversion of your electronic money into US dollars or FCFA (XOF).

With a professional experience of more than 5 years in the business of Trading on the international financial market, then the company sets up a portfolio divided into Pack designed for private investors in order to give its customers an advantage on the interest of the different fluctuations of stock market assets.

The objective is to be the best platform for investment and exchange in the world, particularly in Africa.

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CEO, Horton Exchange

Investment is the act of investment, that is to say, to acquire new means of production, to improve their return or to invest capital in an economic activity, in a company, etc. The engine of investment is the prospect of making a profit. That's what we offer

CEO, Horton Exchange

Quick Bitcoin Converter

Professionals who sell and buy bitcoin, need a good bitcoin conversion calculator. Because the price of bitcoin fluctuates regularly, it is important to use a reliable conversion system. For this purpose, HortonExchange has developed the Bitcoin Converter application itself. This application allows you to convert an amount of bitcoin to dollars and vice versa.

The HortonExchange Conversion Calculator allows you to calculate all amounts up to 6 digits after the decimal point. These conversions are possible not only for the bitcoin, but also for the currencies the other cryto-currencies.

Quick Bitcoin Converter

How it works?

It is very easy to use the HortonExchange Bitcoin Converter application. Anyone can use this simple application. All you need to do is choose your favorite currency. Just click on the currency shown on your screen. After, you fill the title to choose the currency of your choice. You can choose regular or digital currencies. After, the result is displayed and you are immediately passed in dollars, or any other amount in dollars, worth your bitcoin amount, Ether, Litecoin or Dash etc.

Service we Provide

Data Protection

Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, PCI DSS standards compliant

Support 24/7

Get a 24/7 support service to answer all your concerns. support@hortonexchange.com

Payment Methods

The available payment methods are Bitcoin and money² mobiles (Orange Money and MTN) Other payment methods will be added soon

Secured Company

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the government authority acting as a registry. Companies registered in Seychelles are regulated under the IBC ACT 2016 and in close relations with banks

Live Exchange Rates

Our exchange service is based on the exchange rate of coinmarketcap referenced on the basis of which we set the hortone exchange rates that are the lowest on the market


With a very solid experience on speculation then the establishment of our fund opens the door to beginners investors and chewed. Our investment service offers attractive and most secure investment plans based on the regulation of the financial market. We also speculate on the international market outside the cryptocurrency market which makes our portfolio more secure.

Rental of advertising space

Horton Exchange leases its advertising space to promote your company, service or products on its portal for more visibility. Contact our support with the mention Advertisement

How to Get Start

Choose your Wallet, make your payment and you will receive your purchase or sale amount

Choose your Wallet

Choose your wallet come back to choose the currency in which you would like done your exchange operation (PURCHASE OR SALE)

Make Payment

After choosing your currency for your transaction; you must now make the payment to start the validation process

Buy or Sell Orders

Once your HortonExchange receives the payment then your purchase order will be validated.

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What you should know about cryptocurrencies

You have heard about cryptocurrency and you want to invest in cryptocurrency but would you like to know more? After having read the guide, you master the concept, the notions of vocabulary, the main cryptocurrencies, the different platforms of exchange, the portfolios but also the mining of cryptocurrencies. Let's dive together in the next big technological revolution!

Horton Exchange and Cryptocurrency News

Here you have all the news on the various offers and press release of the company as well as information on cryptocurrency in particular and the financial market in general offered by our partners and referenced by HortonExchange