• About hortonexchange.com

    Hortonexchange is a modern service offering access to electronic and encrypted exchange markets. Hortonexchange is a convenient and profitable platform for buying, selling and exchange, as well as for investing in various currencies, which can be used by both experienced investors and beginners.

  • Is Hortonexchange.com safe to use?

    Yes it is safe! Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Our main goal is to keep clients personal data extremely safe and secure. We take great precautions around security systems in our system and are constantly monitoring for any activities.

  • What Countries Do You Operate In?

    Hortonexchange operates across the world. The only restrictions on access to the Hortonexchange service are: All users must be over 18 years of age; All users must have a valid working email address.

  • How Do I Make A Deposit To Hortonexchange ?

    To make a deposit in your Hortonexchange account, follow these steps: Sign in to your Hortonexchange account. Go to your dashboard located at the top right of the profile icon. Click on "Deposit" on the left, add a deposit, and fill in the form with a transaction fee of 2% of your deposit amount. Then validate your operation.

  • Why Hasn’t My Deposit Arrived In My Hortonexchange Account?

    If you have made a deposit on your Hortonexchange account and you can not see it in your wallet, there may be several reasons. Generate a ticket with the topic "Missing Repository" and wait for the answer from the support agent.

  • My Deposit To Hortonexchange Account Is Not Confirmed, Why?

    In case your deposit is made by BTC: Blockchain transactions are not instant and require verification via "Confirmations". Confirmations occur when miners confirm that transactions are legitimate. This confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continues to be confirmed as new blocks are added. We do not make these confirmations or have no control over the time during which these confirmations are completed. Confirmations are completed by Blockchain miners. Transactions with higher fees will be much more likely to be added to a block first. If it's by mobile money then contact support

  • How Do I Make A Withdrawal ?

    You can withdraw all your balance from your Hortonexchange account using the Withdraw button. Withdrawals can be made at any relevant address, such as a personal portfolio or an alternative exchange service.   Once you have made the withdrawal, you will see the confirmation in your backoffice.   We confirm the withdrawal within 48 hours of business hours from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm GMT (London time). Apply during these hours for quick approvals. The Administration in turn validates your withdrawal in accordance with the clauses governing withdrawal periods

  • How Do I Make My Account More Secure ?

    Use a strong password Use a unique email address Avoid using shared or public devices and networks to access online services. Always close your session after completing your activities. Never share your passwords with anyone.

  • How Do I Close/Deactivate/Delete My Account ?

    If you wish to close/deactivate your Hortonexchange account, you will need to raise a support ticket and our support staff will permanently disable your account. You cannot delete your own account for security reasons.

  • When can I withdraw my earnings?

    You will be allowed withdrawals only each trismettre (every 3 months) Any request for withdrawal not respecting this time limit would be purely and simply refused by the administration. Our policy is established according to the rules of the FSA with a view to traceability of each transaction against money laundering

  • How to buy or sell a cryptocurrency?

    To buy or sell your digital currencies, you must first read the exchange rate of the day (https://www.hortonexchange.com/service/live-exchange-rates) and then complete the transaction using the following procedure : go to the purchase or sale part of the site, choose the currency you want to buy or sell and fill in all the necessary information according to the chosen payment method then validate the transaction.