Who are we ?

Horton Exchange, the platform for the future of trade.

Horton Exchange is a platform for buying, selling and exchanging crypto-currencies in FCFA (XOF) and also allows conversion between other crypto-currencies available here on our exchanger. Created in 2019 in the Seychelles, it aims to facilitate the conversion of your electronic money into US dollars or FCFA (XOF).

With a professional experience of more than 5 years in the business of Trading on the international financial market, then the company sets up a portfolio divided into Pack designed for private investors in order to give its customers an advantage on the interest of the different fluctuations of stock market assets.

The objective is to be the best platform for investment and exchange in the world, particularly in Africa.

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CEO, Horton Exchange

Investment is the act of investment, that is to say, to acquire new means of production, to improve their return or to invest capital in an economic activity, in a company, etc. The engine of investment is the prospect of making a profit. That's what we offer

CEO, Horton Exchange

What you should know about cryptocurrencies

You have heard about cryptocurrency and you want to invest in cryptocurrency but would you like to know more? After having read the guide, you master the concept, the notions of vocabulary, the main cryptocurrencies, the different platforms of exchange, the portfolios but also the mining of cryptocurrencies. Let's dive together in the next big technological revolution!